The Modular Buildings Revolution

Modular buildings have grown in popularity among clients and contractors over the last 5 years and will continue to do so as more and more successful examples of modular buildings appear in the built environment.

What is exciting about modular buildings is that what was once a traditional trade is now being turned into a twenty first century trade with endless possibilities for this factory based process as technology evolves.

Buildings of high occupancy are the projects where modular really comes into its own, these include hotels, residential and student accommodation schemes. These reap the benefits of modular construction as very few variations of modules are needed so a repetitive and efficient manufacture process is realised in the factory.

Modular buildings are going up at a rapid pace because there is little or no negative points to the method. Waste is reduced, CO2 emissions are reduced, quality is high, it is a far quicker build that traditional methods, it addresses the skills shortage in the country and brings a ROI far quicker for the client.

Not only this, modular buildings are being advocated by the Government, industry experts, architects, clients and main contractors.

It’s not just high occupancy buildings which are benefiting from modular construction in the UK. Hospitals and schools are also turning to offsite construction to enable a quick turnaround.

The nature of today’s society is that things are instant or far quicker than they have ever been before and this need does not stop when it comes to construction.