Suitable systems for the residential industry:

Room Module

Bathroom Pod

Light Steel Frame Façade

Light Steel Frame Structure

Modular housing has been recognised for its ability to help solve the problem of a lack of housing available within the UK, designing and building high-quality pre-built homes at a faster rate – and here at Elements Europe, we’re proud to be a part of the movement.

The construction industry often faces delays caused by numerous factors, including lack of labour or changing weather conditions – but modular housing provides a solution to those problems. Building offsite within a controlled factory environment minimises risk, resulting in a faster build programme, ensured quality control and an enhanced build performance.

From increasing energy efficiency to reduced build time, our factory-built modular homes are designed with both occupants and the environment in mind making modular housing solutions increasingly popular.

Modular accommodation units offer a great deal of flexibility – our design team works closely with the client to achieve a perfect finish meeting all of their needs. This means our clients can have maximum input on the construction of their properties, working with us to create developments that are bespoke as well as being completely fit for purpose. With modular housing, custom-built doesn’t have to mean a hefty price tag, meaning properties can be affordable for tenants and homeowners alike.

While traditional construction methods can mean a number of setbacks during the build process, modular homes are built inside, so unpredictable weather won’t delay the process. All aspects of your building will also be inspected in the factory, too, so you needn’t worry about scheduled checks delaying completion.

Other offsite solutions such as lightweight steel can be utilised throughout the construction process. Elements Europe’s lightweight steel frame solutions, such as LSF façades and structures, can provide a lightweight, load-bearing building system which facilitates high-rise buildings whilst minimising foundation and load bearing structure design. These lightweight steel frame solutions ensure that we can achieve intricate corner details, faceted elevations and, importantly, the flexibility when it comes to roof and façade treatments.