Our portfolio of modular residential solutions is extensive having delivered homes across a spectrum of house types and tenures, ranging from detached family homes to multi storey dwellings. Whether it be for a local authority, housing association or the open market Elements Europe has the experience to deliver.

All of our homes are manufactured offsite in a factory environment before being delivered to site fully finished and ready to install. The offsite manufacturing process, which has been perfected by Elements Europe for over a decade, guarantees a higher standard of quality, a streamlined process leading to reduced build programmes and a reduction in waste during construction.

Flexibility is key to our solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to offer a range of external finishes including roof design, and window styles to choose from. Internally we offer high quality fixtures and fittings to provide our clients with a desirable living space. Both modern and vernacular solutions are available to satisfy the planning authority’s requirements.

We are proud to have delivered housing solutions to a number of clients including Berkeley Homes, Clarion Housing Group and Watford Housing Trust to name a few.

We have worked hard to ensure our offsite systems are fit for purpose and follow all of the current guidelines.

Our modular housing portfolio boasts options for a number of regulations and planning requirements as well as compliance to industry standard accreditation.

  • Housing solution which is NDSS compliant
  • Options to fulfill the Approved Document M requirements
  • Options which are compliant with the London plan
  • Options to fulfill requirements set by the Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) published by the Mayor of London
  • Our homes are fully mortgageable and will be covered by the industry standard NHBC building warranty, or Building Life Plans (BLP) which are accepted by all major lenders
  • BOPAS accredited

Our low rise housing range spans from small semi-detached houses to three level town houses.

We are experts in housing solutions and making the most out of our modules. Modules can be configured to allow for great flexibility for both low and high rise developments and we can also achieve stepped profiles. Moreover balconies of different design and green walls can add character to the building. Different external finishes and fenestration can also be achieved with the same internal layout.

Our modular systems enable different elevation treatments and façades such as balconies which can add character to a building and offer additional outdoor space to the property.

A small blocks of apartments can be designed combining 1 and 2 bed apartments. In this instance, like for all other solutions in our portfolio, it is possible to integrate roof mounted solar panels and electric cars charging stations.

Importantly we can future proof our homes to be accessible and adaptable to make them suitable for a range of potential occupants, as well as growing and evolving families.

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Our housing projects are carefully planned through the use of BIM software, offering Developers and Designers pre-made BIM Objects.

By using BIM we can offer:

  • Increasing certainty at early stages of development – time, cost and quality
  • Reducing design time and cost
  • Providing ideas for developers and designers to develop into projects
  • Improving accuracy in design
  • Improving accuracy in materials scheduling reducing costs and increasing time certainty
  • Reducing traditional estimating, quantity surveying and scheduling times
  • Providing on time transparent information sharing regarding the projects progress
  • Removing risk of co-ordination with clash control being completed in the BIM Object model