Meet Our Investors: The GS E&C Story

In 2020 Elements Europe secured a significant investment from GS E&C (formally LG), a global conglomerate based in South Korea, but who are they and what is their mission? 

Since its establishment in 1969, GS E&C has grown to become a leading construction company across all business sectors, including plant, power generation, environment, civil engineering, architecture, and housing.  

Breaking Boundaries: GS E&C’s Architectural Projects Redefining Modern Living 

Architecture has been a long-standing passion for GS E&C, creating and designing stunning iconic architectural buildings across Asia.  

The firm’s cutting-edge architectural vision intersects sustainability and innovation, resulting in game-changing designs that redefine modern living. From towering skyscrapers to futuristic residential complexes, GS E&C’s projects are not just buildings, but landmarks that shape the skyline and leave a lasting impact on the cities they inhabit. GS E&C continues to push the boundaries of design and construction, unveiling the future of urban landscapes. 

Their mission- Invest locally, drive globally 

GS E&C’s mission statement and values system are centred around an especially strong commitment to achieving sustainable development by fulfilling its social responsibilities. GS E&C have invested locally in both Poland and the UK, as they aim to conduct their Prefab/Modular/MMC business globally in the future. Their company portfolio now boasts a range of MMC that allows them to call upon internal resources for any construction project worldwide.  

Sustainable Global Company 

GS E&C has set ‘Sustainable Global Company’ as their vision. 

They have worked out their sustainability management strategies with the Sustainability Management Committee and Sustainability Management TF with the aim of ‘the pursuit of growth through the creation of sustainable values with its stakeholders’ of which the development of MMC and Modular construction plays a fundamental role.  

GS E&C has started to utilize prefabrication and eco-friendly smart engineering technology and sees it as the next major global construction trend. It is GS E&C’s goal to increase the productivity and efficiency of the innovative method, overcome the present limitations of the industry, and become a world leader in prefabrication.  

What’s next for Elements? 

Since becoming the major shareholder for Elements Europe in 2020, they were awarded the UK’s largest modular BTR project, showcasing their ongoing commitment and focus to create a sustainable and prosperous future for modular construction, both in the UK and across the globe.  

Elements Europe maintain focused on mid to high rise projects within BTR, PBSA and the hospitality sector and can offer full turnkey main contractor options for several projects across the UK.  

With the ongoing support of GS E&C and their UK representatives, we can not only see a bright future both for Elements, but also that of Offsite Construction.