Suitable systems for the hotel industry:

Room Module

Bathroom Pod

Light Steel Frame Façade

Light Steel Frame Structure

When it comes to modular construction and hotel development, the two are a perfect match. Offering unrivalled flexibility, consistent quality and rapid assembly, our building systems have been integrated into a range of major hotel construction projects over the years. Whether we’re delivering fully volumetric room modules or creating modular bathroom units, hotel developers choose Elements Europe for a variety of important reasons.

Firstly, this contemporary approach to construction drastically reduces onsite assembly time. As our modular hotel rooms and pods are manufactured offsite, much of the groundwork is already done before the fully completed en-suite room module or bathroom pod arrives at the site. Quicker construction leads to a quicker opening – and for hotel developers, this means they can begin to see their ROI much sooner.

Another advantage of our offsite construction process is the consistent quality and bespoke design that you’ll find throughout our products. From flooring materials to wall colour, we can ensure each and every room is visually appealing, on-brand and tailored to your exact specifications, thanks to our rigorous quality control processes and knowledgeable design team.

Whether it’s a 5-star hotel in Central London or budget accommodation in Scotland, our modular hotel designs enable investors, developers and construction partners to take their projects to the next level with innovative, well-designed room modules and bathroom pods. Leading hotel chains, such as Premier Inn (Whitbread PLC) and Motel One, have forged lasting relationships with Elements Europe, enlisting our expertise in designing and manufacturing hotel rooms and buildings to their requirements.

Some of the most impressive projects our modular hotel solutions have been a part of include the regeneration of the magnificent St Pancras Hotel, which we supplied with 189 pod bathrooms using our innovative bathroom pod system. In addition to our relationships with leading hotel brands we also work with boutique hotel brands such as Bloc providing customised and bespoke solutions.

Elements Europe demonstrates the potential to implement modular hotel construction techniques in forward-thinking and creative ways.

For a glimpse into more of our hotel projects, browse our range of case studies online today. If you’re considering using Elements Europe for your next hotel development, get in touch with our team today.