Benefits of Modular Construction

When it comes to modular construction, this cutting-edge building technique offers major benefits to developers. From eco-friendly advantages to cost-effectiveness, the advantages that come with this alternative approach to construction are far-reaching – here are just a few of the advantages of modular construction.

Cost and programme certainty

In today’s construction industry, it’s critical that projects maintain cost and programme certainty. Fortunately, for modular construction, each component is assembled in a highly controlled factory environment – therefore preventing any diversions from the original construction blueprint that might otherwise occur onsite. Clients can therefore rest assured that their assembled modular elements were constructed to a precise specification, removing risks and factors that come as part and parcel of onsite assembly.

A factory environment eliminates slow down due to adverse weather conditions allowing construction to continue, a problem often faced when relying on traditional construction alone. Added to that a watertight building can be completed sooner, enabling more certainty that the build schedule will be adhered to.

Consistently high quality

Quality gained from offsite processes is another reason many of our clients choose to utilise modular construction over traditional processes.

Whether it’s a small or large building project, our factory-built modular accommodation and pods are designed and constructed to a consistently high standard, thanks to the repetitive factory environment in which they’re built. Stringent quality control is prevalent throughout every stage, from concept to completion – which means that the final product is only ever signed off when it has succeeded in passing our rigorous process controls.

The modules have excellent acoustic, fire, thermal and air tightness performance.

Unsurpassed flexibility

Whether we’re constructing  bathroom pods or units designed to house troops, our factory-led processes give us complete flexibility. We can take your unique brief and, using our years of expertise in modular design, create a bespoke, cost-effective solution that meets your exact specifications to the letter.

Innate sustainability

As developers and the construction industry as a whole face increasing pressure to think about long-term sustainability, modular construction is leading the way when it comes to green practices. At Elements Europe, we take this one step further than many other modular construction companies. Adhering to our ISO14001 Environmental Management System, we integrate environmentally friendly practices throughout all of our processes, enabling our clients to benefit from forward-thinking, green construction.

Reduced onsite operational costs

Our modular construction projects substantially reduce the overall number of deliveries to site. Because of this there is reduced noise pollution for the surrounding areas and it also cuts both operational costs and the carbon emissions that these deliveries cause. For our turnkey modular projects, onsite staff requirements are also reduced dramatically – saving clients even more time and money.

Structurally superior units

Utilising the latest innovations in materials, assembly and technology, our modular systems are all structurally sound, durable and comfortable. From expertly manufactured structural steelwork to inbuilt heat recovery systems, everything about our systems embodies our commitment to cutting-edge construction methods.

If you’re considering choosing Elements Europe for your next modular construction project, or you simply have a question about the benefits of modular construction, get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly advisors.