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As a leading provider of modular construction solutions, our room pods have been used everywhere from private rented sector projects to hotels. Offering unrivalled flexibility, bespoke design and efficient assembly, our room pods are perfectly suited to a wide variety of construction projects – and as our modular building systems are capable of providing accommodation for high-rise schemes, these modular rooms pack a lot of potential.

Room pods for a range of sectors

Whether they’re used for modular hotel construction or by student accommodation developers, our room pods can accommodate most schemes, thanks to their custom build and offsite manufacture. These products are becoming increasingly popular within the construction sector, where high-quality volumetric room modules can be integrated seamlessly with other offsite building solutions or traditional construction techniques to provide a cost effective, time efficient solution with more certainty of build programme. All mechanical and electrical aspects, as well as decoration and ensuite bathroom fit-out, are completed within the factory – negating the need to conduct this work onsite.

Customisation options

As they’re designed and manufactured offsite, our room pods are innately customisable. From the windows and doors through to electrical aspects and eco-friendly features, every part of these modular units is manufactured within Elements Europe’s factory. This means that our clients can enjoy unparalleled freedom when it comes to specifying the interior finishes and features. We can even add the final finishing touches, such as hanging pictures on the walls or bespoke features such as nurse calling systems or flat screen TVs, making these systems an ideal construction solution for many sectors.

Externally, our modular rooms have total flexibility for façade treatment and can accommodate all forms of roof construction. The system’s standard wall and ceiling build-ups offer a minimum 90-minute fire resistance with U-values and acoustic performance assistance – and we can also achieve a 120-minute fire rating if requested.

Available add-ons

Aside to our completed en-suite room modules, Elements Europe can also provide stair cores, stair cases, hand rails, steel balconies, linen rooms, plant rooms and floor, ceiling and corridor cassettes. This means that developers can save even more time and money by integrating additional pre-assembled features into their modular accommodation projects. And, as with all of our products, our offsite construction process allows us to be fully bespoke when it comes to design – which gives us the ability to integrate a variety of different unit types into a project.

Benefits of modular room pods

Our clients come to us for a number of different reasons, but all see the great potential that building systems like ours can offer to their project. From pristine internal finishing and rapid manufacture through to reduced costs and improved programme certainty, there are many advantages to modular construction when compared with a traditional approach:

  • Cost and programme certainty: Each modular room is manufactured offsite in a factory environment, enabling greater cost and programme certainty and allowing our clients to stick to their build schedules more effectively
  • ROI: Because onsite construction time is drastically reduced, our clients can have their modular homes, apartments or facilities up and running much sooner. This means that they can begin to enjoy a return on their investment weeks or even months earlier than they would if they had constructed everything onsite
  • Exceptional quality: Each room module that leaves the Elements Europe factory has been inspected diligently, ensuring that it meets our high standards before it leaves the door. A factory-controlled manufacturing process reduces the risk of mistakes occurring onsite, and ensures that each module matches our client’s exact specifications

To find out more about the range of uses for our modular rooms, browse our range of case studies online. If you’re considering our room pods for a development or have a question about about any of our modular units, get in touch today and speak to a friendly member of the Elements Europe team.