LSF Structure

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Private Rented Sector


Student Accommodation

Our light steel frame (LSF) structure provides a lightweight, load-bearing building system with the capability to provide high-rise accommodation, while minimising the loads on the foundation.

When it comes to modular buildings, our lightweight steel structures are perfectly matched. Offering an efficient and cost-effective way to assemble entire buildings onsite, LSF construction can be easily and advantageously combined with all other systems in our range or used with traditional construction.

The primary benefit of our LSF structure is its ability to be manufactured offsite. Because of this, the next stage of construction can begin much sooner, saving onsite resources and reducing overall assembly times. Offsite construction also ensures the structure is fabricated to a superior quality due to our diligent, factory-controlled processes – only products that meet our high standards are allowed to leave through the factory door.

In-house, Elements Europe has rolling machines capable of manufacturing C-sections of cold formed light steel frame studs in 70, 100 and 150mm sections as well as 1.2 and 1.6mm gauges. This in-house capability ensures that our lightweight steel structures can match our client’s exact specifications and gives us total control over the manufacturing process. This flexibility also gives clients the option of having their LSF system provided in either stick or offsite assembled panels that will provide the structural floors, walls and ceilings of their building.

Lightweight steel frame construction can be used for a number of different purposes and across many sectors – from the private rented sector to hotel high-rises. This increasingly popular construction method is appealing for most developers, as it is simple, sustainable and can be assembled so quickly. Better yet, the system is lightweight and can be provided in a form suitable for manual handling, which makes it ideally suited to sites with restricted access. Whether you’re a student accommodation developer or an architect in the healthcare sector, the advantages an LSF structure can offer are countless.

To find out more about our LSF structures or to enquire about any aspect of lightweight steel framing, get in touch with a member of the Elements Europe team today.