LSF Façade

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Student Accommodation

Our LSF façade is an additional offering that provides our clients with panelised floor, wall and ceiling systems. Combined with our modular building systems and LSF structures, it can provide a quick and cost-effective way to construct an array of different building types – from care homes to hotels.

Whether you’re a university accommodation developer or an architect in the residential sector, an LSF façade can drastically speed up the onsite construction process – so it’s worthwhile for investors and developers to consider how it can be incorporated into their projects.

Steel rolling for all of Elements Europe’s systems is undertaken in-house. C-section cold-rolled channels are manufactured and then assembled in our factory to provide floor, wall and ceiling panels for all modular units and the basis for our LSF structures.

Our façade system uses steel sheet LEWIS decking and anhydrite screed finishes for the floors – reducing the need for additional subcontractors onsite and allowing the fit-out trades to commence earlier. Better yet, the system has the capability to provide intricate corner details and faceted elevations and, like all of Elements Europe’s systems, has flexibility with regards to roof and façade treatments.

Light steel frame construction is ideal for sites with restricted access or logistical problems, where the use of cranes is limited. The combination of LSF structure and LSF façade results in a modular and panelised system that can provide bedroom and en-suite accommodation for a variety of sectors, to 8 storeys and above, with the introduction of hot rolled steel. What’s more, steel is widely regarded as one of the most sustainable building materials, making LSF construction well-matched with eco-friendly properties, too.

An LSF façade is ideal for use across a diverse range of sectors and for a number of different applications – from modular student accommodation to luxury apartments.

If you’re considering using lightweight steel framing, find out more about our LSF structure and discover how you can deliver a cost-effective modular construction project by taking advantage of our innovative systems. If you have any questions about this product or would like to discuss the specifics of your construction project, get in touch with our experienced team today.