Over the years, Elements Europe has worked on numerous modular construction projects within the healthcare sector. Thanks to our innovative offsite systems, we can create high-quality modular building systems that lend themselves well to care homes and for other healthcare purposes. Whether we’re integrating safety features like a nurse call system or modern comforts such as flat screen televisions, our dedication to bespoke modular building design has meant that we’ve developed long-term relationships with our care operator clients.

A particularly appealing element of our approach to construction is the ability for us to supply our modular units fully fitted and decorated – which means the operator can save both time and money. From DDA compliant ensuite room modules or bathroom pods, to wall decoration and furnishings, we can provide first-rate units that are ready for use far sooner than rooms made using traditional construction methods.

At Elements Europe, we appreciate the need to ensure industry regulations are met. Having had the privilege of working with clients that are well-established within the sector, this experience has facilitated our knowledge in constructing for the healthcare sector.

To read more about our expertise in modular healthcare construction, browse through our range of case studies online. If you’ve got a healthcare construction project and are considering an offsite approach, we’d love to help.