Watch Our Latest Install to a Residential Modular Building

To those who have never seen the install of a modular building, it really is pretty impressive. This footage taken by Nick Cuff, Land Director at Pocket Living, our client for this 21 storey residential tower in Croydon, shows just how easy and efficient the process is.

Each module is a finished module forming part of a high quality apartment with all decorations, internal services and fixtures and fittings completed. Elements Europe’s lorry that has transported the modules from the manufacturing facility, parks in its allocated space. In this instance it is on the road in front of the modular building due to restricted space onsite. Permission from highways was needed and also a traffic management plan put in place to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians, as well as limiting disruption.

Once the lorry is parked, the modules are attached to the lifting equipment controlled by the onsite tower crane.

From the ground, experienced installers will help guide the module up into the air with lead ropes to steady the movement of the module.

The crane operator carefully lifts the module up to where the module is to be placed in the modular building. It is then slowly lowered into position with the help of professional installers standing waiting to help guide it into position. Once in the right position, the team connect the modules with steel fixing plates, also manufactured by Elements Europe.

On this site, 300 modules will be installed with two or three modules making whole apartments.