Why Two-Pack Hotels are a Popular Choice

Elements Europe is currently manufacturing bathroom pods for a two-pack hotel as it’s known in the hotel industry.

256 bathroom pods are being manufactured for the Staycity hotel brand and 288 for Motel One. The development in the heart of Manchester city centre will be 20 storeys high, Motel One will occupy the first eight floors of the building, with Staycity Aparthotels taking up the remaining floors above.

Two-pack hotels have many advantages that are spurring a growing trend in the hotel industry worldwide.

This type of hotel attracts different target demographics and it’s also cheaper for hoteliers by maximising the resources under one roof whilst minimising costs for the owners and developers.

The operational efficiencies for the hotelier and cost savings gained by combining certain areas of the hotel, such as laundry, storage, and employee facilities, and combining the roles of various team members is invaluable and  owners will also save money on the land costs due to two hotels being in one hotels footprint.

Hoteliers also feel that it increases the possibility of travellers experiencing new brands and becoming loyal, long-term customers and importantly gives guests choice with dual branded hotels potentially being able to provide more robust amenities than if they were a standalone hotel.

One concern with multiple hotels in one place would be the potential for brand confusion among guests. This concern can be minimised by ensuring a carefully thought out branding strategy is in place within the hotel to maintain each brand’s unique identity.

Multi-branded hotels are expected to continue to grow in popularity, and with these benefits it is clear to see why this is a popular choice for new hotel developments.