Temporary Accommodation Modules Get a Revamp

Modular units that were used to house the army during the Olympic Games in 2012 are now being reused to provide temporary accommodation for construction workers.

The modules which comprised of two separate sleeping areas featured 8 single beds and 4 bathrooms with toilets and showers. The units have been back into the Elements Europe factory to be altered so to accommodate construction workers in Scotland.

One of the bathrooms in each sleeping area has been amended to offer the workers kitchenette facilities, proving just how easily modules can be altered in a factory environment.

Each unit is 7m long and 4 metres high and are weather proof, durable and thermally efficient. Each can easily be connected to the water mains and electricity, and in cases where none of these are available the units can be connected to generators and mobile water and waste water units. Making them a perfect solution for our client’s needs.