Offsite Construction – Benefits From The Factory Floor

In modern society, there is an expectation as well as a need for everything in everyday life to be far more efficient.

Industries and businesses also strive for this in order to increase productivity. The construction industry is no exception. There is increasing pressure to build quickly, as well as within budget, is top of the agenda for architects, property developers, contractors and, of course, their clients.

The solution to this industry-wide need is offsite construction. Manufacturing modular buildings in a controlled factory environment – prior to these being installed on the building site – offers huge benefits to a construction project.

In today’s post, we’re exploring a few of the many practical benefits that come with the offsite manufacturing process.


Offsite construction companies can train individuals to be multi-skilled in various trades, meaning resource can be moved to different parts of the business as dictated by production demand.

Tradesmen can also easily receive training onsite at the manufacturing facility, reducing the time needed for offsite training. This also means training can be easily controlled by HR and a better paper trail can be kept.

Apprenticeship schemes can also run more efficiently to ensure apprentices are getting the very best out of the scheme and a closer eye can be kept on whether they’re being training to the required standard of the business.

All departments including design and procurement also sit under the same production roof, creating far more streamlined communication channels – if any questions were to arise.


A prototype is critical to an offsite construction project, and marks the start of the manufacturing process. The prototype which is signed off by the client is the blueprint for the remainder of the order. Each module is manufactured to the same quality and aesthetics as the prototype, and each team repeats its process for each module. This repetitive process means the team work seamlessly in a manner which becomes more efficient as more modules are completed. 

The speed of construction

Offsite construction presents a unique programme of works which contributes to the speed of the overall construction. As modules are being produced in the manufacturing facility, the contractor onsite is preparing the site, ready to receive its first modular delivery. This could include the preparation of foundations or the assembly of a steel frame. Either way, offsite construction is the only construction method which allows for internals to be completed at the same time.

Material Handling

Offsite construction allows for a far more controlled supply process. Each module’s bill of materials is managed, from receiving delivery of materials into the manufacturing facility to it being distributed on the production line.

A team of people ensure each trade has the right materials to work with at the right time to complete the job, meaning the trades only have to concentrate on their quality and speed of work – without being distracted by finding materials they need.

The production line also provides the workforce with an efficient work area. Trades carry out a specific task in a specific part of the production line at a specific time in the production schedule, meaning work can be carried out in an organised fashion – with fewer trades potentially interrupting work. Not only this, but trades also don’t have to go very far to find an electrical supply or water supply, for example, to carry out their work.

Cost certainty

The cost of each module is detailed in the contract, and, because of the repetitive production process, there are no hidden costs.  

The client will be presented with a cost prior to starting the order, and this is exactly what the cost will be at the end of the process – meaning the offsite construction of the modules can be brought in on budget, giving peace of mind to the client.

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