National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships are a highly valued entry route into the construction industry, traditionally aimed at school leavers.

At Elements Europe, we offer a unique opportunity for young people to join us as specialists in offsite, modular construction. We are known for manufacturing for construction, in which building’s components or modules are constructed in a factory environment and then transported to site for assembly.

Modular construction apprenticeships are a great pathway to skilled, technical and management roles. They are designed to impart the technical and practical skills that are needed for a successful career in the sector.

In cooperation with Telford College, we have developed a 14-month apprenticeships programme, where young people can get a taste of every department in our company and are trained by many specialists including plumbers, roofers, electricians, joiners, tilers, labourers, welders and many more.

Offsite manufacture and modular construction are part of Modern Methods of Construction – a key element of our changing industry. High quality control and consistency ensure quality, making modular construction greener, faster, smarter, fresh and exciting.

‘We are committed to supporting young people with structured training, reviews and open conversations around career progression. During an apprenticeship at Elements Europe, you’ll work with experienced staff and gain extensive work experience’ said Simon Underwood, CEO of Elements Europe.

In many cases, successful completion of an apprenticeship can lead to a permanent job.

If you think you may be interested in joining our apprenticeships programme, please get in touch: