Modular Construction and the Great British Weather

The last 12 months has seen unprecedented weather conditions in the UK. The end of February saw the Beast from the East hit the UK hard and the summer brought temperatures over 30 degrees for a prolonged period of time making it challenging for those working outside.

The weather can have a huge impact on a construction projects profitability due to delays on site, and is something that cannot be predicted.

Offsite modular construction reduces the risk of weather delay, and reduces the health and safety risk that extreme weather conditions present such as too hot, too cold, slippery or windy which naturally create dangerous surroundings for construction workers.
Modular construction sees a building’s internals that would traditionally be constructed on site, executed in a factory environment in a modular form. There is therefore, no direct impact from the weather, and eliminates health and safety issues associated with this.

Modular construction and its programme certainty is an extremely attractive proposition to developers, reducing the chances of the project being delayed.

Wind speed is one weather condition that can interrupt the install stage of modular construction however, wind speed quickly changes and is not something that tends to be extreme for very long like snow and hot weather can be.

Developers are increasingly seeing modular construction as the best option for their projects, taking weather risk delays as a serious reason to go modular.