Modern Methods of Construction at Elements Europe

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are a range of advanced manufacturing and construction techniques that provide an alternative to traditional building methodology, under factory-controlled conditions. Offsite construction ensures cost and programme certainty, whilst improving quality of the final build and considerable environmental benefits. Due to new innovations and increasing awareness around sustainability issues, MMC are becoming more popular thanks to their carbon reduction characteristics.

Early Engagement with developers and contractors allows our in-house team to start design and procurement early in order to expedite program and cost guarantee. We provide factory-built volumetric modules through the use of innovative techniques, with digital technologies at the core of our approach.

The Government supports MMC to help solve the nation’s housing crisis. Increased levels of Modern Methods of Construction are being used in the construction industry each year. MMC increase productivity, reduce timescales and lower build costs by an integrated planning and supply chain optimization strategy. They also reduce programme, providing developers with their income producing assets earlier than traditional construction methods.