Leading Industry Representatives Visit Elements Europe

A group of leading industry representatives visited Elements Europe’s manufacturing facility in Telford.

Over the course of two days representatives from JLL, Barratt Homes, Minerva Smart Cities, Enfield Borough Council, Tudor Blakeway, Cast Consultancy and Mark Farmer, author of the Construction Leadership Council’s Farmer Review “Modernise or die” discussed how Elements Europe and offsite construction can support accelerated housing delivery.

Comparisons between offsite and onsite productivity were made closely examining speed of delivery, less need for snagging onsite and how factory regulated production can assure quality and build programmes are met more effectively.

The group also reviewed housing developments currently utilising offsite solutions as well as their geographic locations.

The recent white paper addressed the UK’s housing shortage and means in which to solve it. Essential Living’s residential project in Greenwich which Elements Europe is delivering 249 modular apartments was featured in the white paper underpinning its support for modular construction as a means of increasing productivity to the residential housing sector.

All parties concluded there is a need for continued collaboration between the government and the industry to promote the benefits and opportunities of off-site construction” Simon Underwood Managing Director at Elements Europe commented.

Offsite building solutions can range from light weight steel framed panels through to full modular rooms. The wide range of solutions can really help to not only accelerate the housing market but to meet the sector’s demanding delivery challenges” added Underwood.

Elements Europe is one of the nation’s leading modular manufacturers having delivered over 10,000 modules to the construction industry over the past 10 years.