First Bathroom Pods Delivered to South Bromley

Elements Europe is delivering its modular accommodation solution to another Premier Inn. The first Bathroom Pods left the factory this week bound for South London.

The hotel is being constructed by McLaren Construction and is part of the Bromley South Central Regeneration Scheme, a scheme which will see £90 million invested in the area to provide a mixed-use scheme including restaurant, retail and residential accommodation.

The hotel development will see Elements Europe manufacture, deliver and install 131 Bathroom Pods to the scheme. The deliveries will be carried out in line with McLaren’s construction programme to ensure deliveries arrive just in time for installation.

The Bathroom Pods have been designed in line with Premier Inn’s latest bathroom specification, ID4.

Phil Hughes, Transport Manager commented, “We will be liaising with McLaren Construction on a daily basis to ensure that the modules are arriving on time and in the exact order required to ensure an efficient installation of Bathroom Pods.”

Modular accommodation is increasingly popular with the hotel industry due to its fast and efficient programme which sees a far greater return on investment for its investors.

A greater amount of clients now see the benefits of off-site construction with rooms being constructed in a factory environment and delivered to site complete.

A hotel brand such as Premier Inn seeks consistency to ensure its brand remains strong with guests and is the same across the country. This is a task easily achieved in a factory on a production line with specific trades repetitively completing each project to the exact specification.

This repetitiveness makes for a more controlled completion with a quicker fit out process as well as a much higher quality finish reducing the number of snagging issues.