Elements Europe are re-entering the market with their lightweight steel frame solution, STRUCMET. STRUCMET Framing System (SFS) and STRUCMET Load Bearing (SLB).

As an offsite manufacturer, we deliver multiple offsite solutions and systems in-house, enhancing our capabilities and utilising the experience of our staff. Elements Europe are not only investing in new machinery, but the development of our Manufacturing Staff and Apprentices. With new investment is machinery will come job opportunities for Machine Operatives and General Operatives.

The capabilities of the new machines will mean that we will be able to manufacture profiles and sections from 63mm to 300 (0.7mm to 2.5mm gauge) with a range of additional operations:
• Flange Notch – this is a unique solution for routing services through wall, ceiling, and floor junctions, coordinated with the MEP BIM model
• Service Holes – a range of web service holes to allow for routing of services, Ø33, Ø58, Ø125 and index holes.
• Deflection Slot Tool – this will allow for live load deflection to be accommodated when installing ‘Infill’ SFS panels. Faster production than the traditional slotted head track with enhanced structural performance
• Joist Tabbing Tool – this will simplify the assembly of floor cassettes in the manufacturing process, minimising errors
• Combination Stud Dimple and Cut – three operations in one action for fast profile production / panel assembly. No assembly jigs are required, positive connections create the panel geometry, also, no Brackets or proprietary connectors are required
• Roof trusses – delivering complete load bearing structures from a single source simplifying the procurement and integration process. Truss analysis reports will be available
• Stud Chamfer – to trim stud corners for Webs and Wall Braces
• InkJet – Inkjet printing for labelling framing parts automatically, easily identifying components and increasing Health and Safety

Other benefits include:
• Not only will the machines have the capability to roll the standard S390 Z275 galvanised steel, but S550 (minimum yield strength of 550 N/mm²) up to 1.2mm thick and S450 (minimum yield strength of 450 N/mm²) to 2.5mm
• The variable roller has 17 forming stations and a Pre-Cut guillotine which will cut the section prior to it being roll formed, saving on material waste
• No minimum profile length due to part-cut technology, increasing efficiency of line production speed
• A Multi Profile Rollformer can produce any section size to meet project demands, utilising section structural performance vs cost
• Profiles are pre-assembled in the factory into panels and cassettes with options for weather defence board, insulation, cladding support, and a range of cladding systems, delivered to site and installed by an experienced site team.

With our In-house expertise of Offsite and Advanced Methods of Construction, we will assess project feasibility taking into consideration Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and assess Pre-manufactured Value (PMV%) to increase onsite efficiencies.
The addition of these new roll forming machine, coupled with our pedigree to deliver offsite solutions, we have the horsepower and knowledge to meet UK construction demands.