Elements Europe to Help Accelerate Housing Delivery in Hertfordshire

Elements Europe has been selected as an offsite partner for Hertfordshire’s informal consortium which will see partners collaborate to help accelerate the development and build of sustainable housing in the county.

Led by Watford Community Housing and supported by Herts Innovation Quarter, Hertfordshire Growth Board and Hertfordshire LEP, the consortium’s mission is to increase its use of offsite methods and modern methods of construction to speed up the progress of the county’s target, to build 100,000 new homes by 2036, and enable the county to meet its net zero carbon targets.

The consortium plans to do this by streamlining the process by adapting planning policies, procurement routes and operational approaches to support the use of offsite methods.

Elements Europe will bring over 16 years of offsite knowledge and expertise to the programme and will help accelerated the delivery of homes with its offsite manufactured housing systems which will facilitate an efficient delivery and handover, bringing housing to market far sooner than traditional methods of construction. 

“We are really proud to be a part of this exciting programme with an array of great partners who are embracing offsite methods, collaboration is key when driving new initiatives and we look forward to working with all partners and proving the benefits of offsite construction in delivering environmentally friendly, cost-effective and energy efficient homes at speed.” Commented Simon Underwood, CEO Elements Europe.

Hertfordshire’s programme is expected to deliver an array of benefits for both housing providers, home owners and tenants, including reduced carbon, higher levels of sustainability and less construction waste. The programme plans to utilise offsite construction methods for at least 50% of the homes built by Watford Community Housing and J-V partners over the next four years.

*Image is an example of offsite manufactured housing delivered by Elements Europe.