Elements Europe Meet with CIBSDR

Elements Europe has met with the technical delegation from the China Institute of Building Standard Design and Research (CIBSDR).

The visitors from China are in the UK to look at examples of steel construction in order to expand their knowledge with a view to using steel in China’s residential sector.

CIBSDR is the sole comprehensive enterprise for scientific research, design and technical service, covering national standards and code compilation. The institute also deals with all national design drawing compilation, engineering design, building products certification and building software research and development.

Kevin Arthur, Sales Director of Elements Europe met with the institute at Ewer Street student accommodation scheme in Southwark, central London, where Elements Europe provided all 200 Room Modules.

Kevin gave a tour of the building and explained how Elements Europe manufactured and installed the room modules to achieve an expedited construction programme for its client. He also explained why modular construction has become so popular in the UK.

Kevin commented “It was a pleasure to present to the institute. Elements Europe grasps any opportunity to raise awareness of its methods of construction.” He added: “The interest from across the world just shows how modular construction is becoming recognised as the future of construction.”

The tour was requested by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI). This is the second time this year Elements Europe has been asked by SCI to speak with international visitors.  Earlier this year Elements Europe presented to a group from Samsung Everland, Korea.

Mark Lawson from SCI commented “We were very pleased to present Kevin Arthur to the delegation from China” he added, “Elements Europe is one of the key modular solutions businesses in this sector and is doing increasingly innovative and exciting projects using its modular light steel framed systems.”