Elements Europe Joins Offsite Alliance

Formed only last year the Offsite Alliance is making great waves in the construction industry to leverage the offsite residential sector.

Elements Europe has been supporting the Offsite Alliance alongside other members to offer support through important feedback and specialist knowledge to meet their objectives.

The Offsite Alliance aims to bring the industry together to deliver clear communication to leading organisation, industry bodies, government, local authorities and housing associations so to increase the uptake and delivery of offsite technologies. They do this by tackling relevant and timely topics. This was put into practise at the start of the Coronavirus with the Alliance stepped up to lobby for government funding for those offsite manufactures that may struggle financially during this time. Their voice was heard, successfully helping to raise significant funds specifically set aside for the Offsite residential sector.

“The Offsite Alliance is a fantastic organisation that will be key to educating the importance of the offsite sector for the construction industry” commented Stuart Marshall, Pre-Construction Manager at Elements Europe.

“It’s great to have a representing organisation for the industry that is passionate about making a difference. It’s exciting, and important for the industry and we look forward to helping to drive change and awareness alongside other manufacturers” he added.

“The Offsite Alliance is borne out of our collective passion to revolutionise the residential construction sector. We have huge opportunity in the offsite sector and by sharing the collective knowledge of our members and working collaboratively we will continue to disrupt and change the way we build forever” commented Gaynor Tennant, Chair and Co-Founder of Offsite Alliance.

More information on the Offsite Alliance can be found at http://www.offsitealliance.org/