Elements Europe Invests in Life Saving Equipment

Elements Europe is delighted to announce that a Defibrillator is now installed at its manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.

A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest. It is not only an important step in providing CPR but also provides instructions as to when or if the patient needs a shock.

Juliet Powell, Health & Safety Manager commented “With over 300 members of staff at our manufacturing site we have a duty of care, and because of this the decision was made to purchase a Defibrillator.”

Not only will the staff benefit from this, the surrounding area will also, the Defibrillator is being made available to local residents and businesses.

“We have fully trained staff here onsite to use equipment and we have registered with Heart Safe to ensure that everyone in the local community has access to the machine. Heart Safe liaise with the emergency services and offer direction to the closest Defibrillator should the need arise.” added Juliet.