Elements Europe Features in Government’s White Paper

The Government has this week issued a white paper that sets out how it intends to boost the UK’s housing supply and create a more efficient market that meets the needs and aspirations of all householders which will support the wider economic prosperity.

Essential Living’s residential project in Greenwich which Elements Europe is delivering 249 modular apartments has been featured in the white paper underpinning its support for modular construction as a means of increasing productivity to the residential housing sector.

Teresa May provides the foreword in the 106 page document pledging to build a stronger, fairer Britain and addresses the housing market as one of the greatest barriers in Britain today. She wants to “fix this broken market so that housing is more affordable and people have the security they need to plan for the future.”

Teresa May plans on doing this through developing land where people actually want to live, invest in the planning system to make this more streamlined and efficient, open up the housing market to smaller builders who embrace innovate methods, improve safeguards in the private rented sector as well as doing more to prevent homelessness and help households currently priced out of the market.

Simon Underwood, Managing Director at Elements Europe commented “We are really pleased that the Government featured our Greenwich project in its white paper, highlighting our ability to help bridge the housing deficit.“

You can read the white paper in full Read the white paper.