Elements Europe £1 million investment in new roll forming machines

Following our commitment to investment and growth, we have recently purchased personalised, innovative roll forming machines, which will further enhance our products and systems.

This latest investment is a continuation of GS E&C long-term investment strategy to keep pace with high demand for offsite manufacturing solutions. The new machines will offer extended capability, flexibility and capacity.

As an offsite manufacturer, we deliver multiple solutions and systems in-house, utilising our own staff and expertise to deliver projects. These new roll forming machines will complement our existing systems:

  • Room-Mod
  • Bathroom Pod
  • Co-Pod
  • Utility-Pod
  • Strucmet Framing System (SFS)
  • Strucmet Load Bearing (SLB)

Strucmet FS (SFS) and Strucmet LB (SLB) can be pre-panelised offsite to deliver a solution that is pre-boarded, insulated and complete with cladding finishes. Strucmet LB can be combined with Co-Pod and Bathroom Pod to form a Hybrid / Semi-volumetric solution delivering improved Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV%).