Projects: Defence

For government departments, resources are often tight. In the defence sector, the need for cost-effective and faster methods of construction for projects has become essential to make budgets stretch further. Modular construction offers a solution to this age-old problem, providing an efficient way to house troops and security personnel on the move.


Whether our modular units are housing security teams at a major international summit or they’re being used to house troops during training exercises, our turnkey construction solutions provide a simple, bespoke way to offer temporary accommodation to the defence sector.


Some of the most appealing aspects of our modular buildings are their robust, weatherproof exteriors and comfortable, insulated interiors. For the defence sector, this is ideal – providing a

convenient and homely place to house troops. What’s more, lightweight steel framing and custom design ensures that each modular unit can be connected to water and electricity sources with ease – which saves our clients time and makes the assembly process even quicker.


Though appearance may be of lesser importance in this sector, where practicality reigns, we still design each interior to be clean and comfortable, as well as containing any features they would like. From bathroom pods to flooring options, our modular units are completely bespoke, no matter the sector – which means that you can still customise the interior to your exact requirements.


To find out more about Elements Europe’s latest modular construction projects in the defence sector, explore our case studies online.


Suitable systems for the defence sector:


  • Room modules
  • Bathroom pods
  • Light steel frame façade
  • Light steel frame structure

If you have a construction project in the defence sector that requires a turnkey solution, get in touch today to find out how we can support you.