Benefits of Modular Bathroom Pods for the Hotel Sector

The hotel sector has been specifying modular bathroom pods for new hotel developments for many years, and the industry’s output of hotel bathroom pods remains steady amongst uncertainty brought by Brexit.

Modular bathroom pods are the perfect solution for the hotel industry. The high volume, aesthetically identical bathrooms make manufacturing offsite a straight forward process bringing benefits to construction programmes and the client’s ROI.

Bathroom pods are manufactured as a complete unit, fully fitted and tested within a factory environment meaning that any issues can be detected and corrected swiftly.

Finishing quality is also easily controlled to ensure the very best product is delivered to the client.

Traditional bathroom installation and finishing can be the most time consuming part of a hotel build due to the sheer amount of bathrooms required and if not managed properly can result in a huge amount of snagging. Modular bathroom pods eradicate this potential problem as every bathroom pod is quality approved and fully tested prior to leaving the production line ready for final cleaning. Therefore, the construction time of a hotel is significantly reduced as all that is needed when the bathroom pod is installed is the water and soil connections to achieve a functioning bathroom once the pods are in place.

Haulage efficiencies can also be made as modular bathroom pods are compact in size meaning more can be transported at once.

Onsite, bathroom pods can be installed easily using a tower crane or into a concrete frame using a canti deck. People are also surprised to hear that Bathroom pods can also be used in refurbishment projects with the careful planning around access.

Bathroom pod structures are evolving, once it was obvious to identify a modular bathroom pod due to the small step up into the bathroom, however now the client can request a floorless pod which enables a continuous floor finish.

Modular bathroom pods offer versatility, efficiency, an improved construction programme and most importantly a faster ROI, a combination which is extremely attractive to the client which is why modular bathroom pods will continue to deliver for the hotel industry.