Benefits of Cold Rolled Steel

Steel plays a major role at Elements Europe’s production facility. All of our modules comprise of cold formed steel which is rolled in house at our production facility.

Cold rolled steel has a plethora of advantages that not only benefits our production process, but also enhances our values.

Firstly, Steel provides a very safe solution for the construction industry as it is a non-combustible, fire resistant material guaranteeing piece of mind for our clients.

For the manufacturing process it enables adaptability and flexibility allowing us to meet the requirements of nearly all structural and non-structural applications.

Steel is sustainable as it is a recyclable material, therefore steel buildings are also considered recyclable. This green credential is something many clients look for in a project and adds to the environmental benefits off-site construction brings.

Steels durability, strength and stability is without question its best advantage. It is corrosion resistant therefore does not experience the effect of rot or mold meaning strength and longevity. Steel also resists the absorption of water which removes the issues for a building surrounding expansion and contraction that make cracks and warps. It also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other material which can be to an architect’s advantage as longer spans can be implemented into a design. Not only this, there is far more flexibility for an architect to add additional features to a building.

The ability to prefabricate our cold formed steel to the exact specification for each and every module means that we benefit from reduced material waste as well as cost efficiencies.