The Benefits of Bathroom Pods

Elements Europe has been supplying bathroom pods to a range of sectors since 2005.

Most recently, residential, PRS and hotel developments are where Elements Europe is seeing the most interest, although bathroom pods are very relevant to a whole host of sectors.

Bathroom pods offer a quick and easy solution. Traditionally constructed buildings have to line up trades to complete work which can be tricky and problematic with the number of trades involved, and snagging can be time consuming. For developments where there could be hundreds of bathrooms, this time consuming yet critical aspect of the development could put the project way beyond its programme not to mention the amount of project management required.

Offsite construction is the perfect solution to this problem. Once a contract is signed to deliver a bathroom pod solution, a prototype is manufactured for the client to approve.

Once approved the bathroom pod prototype is the blue print for the full order. Bathroom pods are manufactured in the factory whilst the main contractor prepares foundations and all other structural elements in preparation for the first bathroom pod to be delivered to the site to be installed.

The factory hosts a strict process which dictates what tasks are to be done each day in each pod by which tradesperson. This takes place over a number of days until the bathroom pod is fully completed and has passed all quality checks. Bathroom pods built in a factory environment benefit from high quality control from a supervisor, signing off each part of the process, something a traditional construction site would struggle to achieve.

Every person on the factory floor has specific tasks and the tools and materials for the job to hand making for an efficient work space which results in higher quality workmanship.

What is making for an even quicker production time is clients are now leaning towards floorless pods to allow for a seamless floor finish throughout rooms, removing the need to fit flooring or tiles and enabling even quicker production.

Once installed the bathroom pods sit in the building ready for the mechanical teams to open the pod and make the water and waste connections. The electrical team will also then connect the electrics.

Bathroom pods are a no brainer in fast tracking a development and removing the headache of what can be related to a development with high occupancy.