Bathroom pods at Elements Europe

Offsite construction products – such as bathroom pods – are manufactured in a factory and delivered to sites ready to be installed, fully fitted at the client’s specification and plumbed with building services.

Using bathroom pods guarantees construction costs, reduces construction time, improves quality and reduces snagging.
Each pod is prefabricated by skilled operatives in a controlled environment, inherently minimizing waste.

Bathroom pods are cost neutral in comparison to on site built bathrooms, but are built to a much higher level of consistent quality and finish.
The use of bathroom pods greatly reduces the amount of work on-site. It also reduces the amount
of on-site coordination typically required for multiple trades to work in one area.

Who benefits from bathroom pods?


• programme guarantee
• potential higher return on investment
• consistent quality


• less delays and programme certainty
• cost certainty
• reduced management costs