At Elements Europe, we’re committed to sustainable modular construction processes – adhering to an environmental management system that’s been designed in-house, to the International Standard ISO14001. As a company, it’s our mission to mitigate the effects of global warming by incorporating environmentally sustainable aspects into our product design, construction, distribution and everyday business management.

If you’d like to speak to a member of the Elements Europe team about our commitment to sustainability, or to find out how our eco-friendly modular homes, room modules or light steel frame systems could be just the green building solution you’re looking for, simply get in touch.

  • Sustainable EnergySustainable Energy

    Utilising cutting-edge offsite construction processes can play a significant part in delivering sustainable buildings, adhering to government demands for the construction industry to improve its environmental efficiency. Sustainable energy is about consuming energy wisely and using energy generated from clean, sustainable sources through best practice technologies.

    The construction industry has responded to this call for increased sustainability through the introduction of planning and construction policy to improve building heat retention, thermal performance and use of sustainable materials. The introduction of such policies, along with new technology, will safeguard the climate, protecting current and future generations.

    As modular building manufacturers, we acknowledge government policy changes surrounding energy usage and, through an environmentally conscious design philosophy, we’ve made the following green improvements to our product range:


    • A mechanical ventilation heat recovery system is used within our modules
    • The Ty Unnos Modular Housing solution complies with Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes – the factory manufactured structure provides exceptional thermal performance, which substantially reduces the building heating requirement
    • All of our modules are insulated to keep additional heating to a minimum, and to increase thermal performance
    • All of our modules have the capability to implement renewable energy technology. Our housing solution uses UK-sourced timber, resulting in a robust structural frame produced from a renewable material
    • When installing appliances in our products, we ensure wherever possible that they are UK-sourced, eco-efficient and compliant with lighting regulations – resulting in sustainable, energy efficient modular homes
    • Our construction process guarantees the highest quality buildings and modules, while also streamlining the onsite construction delivery programme
  • Waste ManagementWaste Management

    Government research indicates that factory material waste resulting from offsite building projects is less than 1.5%, compared with over 10% on a traditional construction site – with factory waste also being more stringently controlled in a factory environment than it is on standard construction sites. Better yet, data suggests that factory operatives are also 300% more efficient than their counterparts in carrying out the equivalent onsite tasks as part of a construction project.

    At Elements Europe, our green modular home manufacturers are committed to managing and minimising waste however they can, and we currently have the following procedures in place:

    • We use segregated waste streams for recycling
    • We demonstrate a commitment to significantly improving our recycling methods on an ongoing basis
    • We invest in waste management training, resources and education for our team
    • 60% of the steel we use is from recycled sources
  • Grey Water RecyclingGrey Water Recycling

    Grey water recycling is a process in which wash water is taken from sources such as the tub, shower and even the washing machine, and then filtered, treated and reused for the flushing of toilets. In some areas, grey water can also be used for irrigation – facilitating the watering of plants and flowers. About 70% of all water used in the home would be classified as grey water – meaning the recycling of this water has the potential to make a property highly eco-friendly.

    At Elements Europe, grey water recycling systems can be installed in our modular buildings – and to provide optimum choice to our clients, we also have a supply chain in place including manufacturers of grey water recycling systems.

  • Off-Site ConstructionOff-Site Construction

    The implementation of offsite manufacturing processes helps us to reduce the time required for onsite construction, and can reduce the waste generated by a traditional construction process (resulting from errors, accidents or snagging) by up to 50% – thanks to the use of a controlled factory environment.

    Offsite building systems are becoming an increasingly popular solution for projects featuring design repetition, as these methods optimise the use of materials and generate no waste on the site, other than a protective layer of polyethylene. As if that wasn’t enough, our modular building systems also minimise onsite noise and dust levels.

  • Carbon ReductionCarbon Reduction

    As a sustainable modular construction company, Elements Europe fully supports the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme, an innovative climate change and energy saving initiative for the UK, designed to encourage improvements in energy efficiency. The scheme was launched to generate a shift in awareness in large organisations, and is a central part of the UK’s strategy for controlling our carbon dioxide emissions.

    This policy was developed in partnership by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Department of Environment Northern Ireland. Ultimately, the scheme will aim to achieve emissions reductions of at least 4Mt CO2 per year by 2020.

  • FSC® CertifiedFSC® Certified

    Elements Europe is dedicated to sustainability, which is why we ensure that all wood purchased for our systems is sourced from a sustainable forest. We do this by adhering to the FSC® C084683. This ensures that the wood we use comes from a forest that has been responsibly managed.

    The wood flooring in our modules and pod systems has been certified by FSC®, allowing us to promote the responsible sourcing of wood products, thus supporting the correct management of the world’s forests. By maintaining our commitment to green modular construction, we’re able to manufacture everything from eco-friendly room pods and houses to hotels, student accommodation and even healthcare buildings.

    Elements Europe is audited by a third party organisation, accredited by FSC®. In-house, we have a dedicated management representative to ensure that all of the recommendations are executed to keep within our chain of custody requirements.

    The FSC® is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests, and taking care of every ecosystem, species and indigenous community around the world.

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