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Elements Europe is part of GS Engineering & Construction (GS E&C) and an established market leader in the world of modular construction in the UK. Working with our clients to achieve first-class, functional outcomes, our expert in-house team designs and engineers every unit we build in line with industry regulations and each client’s unique expectations.

We’ve worked across the private and public sectors, delivering a broad range of offsite construction projects on time and on budget. From modular housing units for the private residential sector to student accommodation, hotels and even care homes, our repertoire is broad and our product range is completely adaptable. So, whatever you’re looking for when it comes to efficient, high-quality construction solutions, our team are sure to meet your exact specifications.

Our suite of modular building systems are designed with flexibility in mind. From our versatile room modules and self-contained bathroom pods (equally at home in the hospitality, private residential and even defence sectors) to our light steel frame structures and facades, the lightweight nature of these systems means construction costs can be reduced and many logistical issues associated with traditional construction methods can be eliminated.

Every one of our modular buildings is designed and built to the same codes and standards as traditional facilities – but with the added bonus of unbeatable efficiency. Working to tight timescales is our speciality and, thanks to the uncompromising quality of our modular construction services and products, you can rest assured you’ll never have to sacrifice excellence in exchange for a quick turnaround.

If you’re ready to find out how our flexible and responsive approach to offsite construction can meet your needs, get in touch today.

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26.03.2020Why Two-Pack Hotels are a Popular Choice

Elements Europe is currently manufacturing bathroom pods for a two-pack hotel as it’s known in the hotel industry. 256 bathroom pods are being manufactured for the Staycity hotel brand and 288 for …

Offsite productivity is at least 25% better than traditional construction
Offsite construction results in around 70% less vehicle movement on a construction site
Offsite construction can reduce build programme by around 25%  
Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Elements Europe is now closed until the 14th April to help our employees follow the Government's advice to protect them and their families.