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Elements Europe is a market leading offsite construction business with substantial experience and a wide range of impressive projects.

Our Vision is to be a leader in the future of offsite manufactured solutions for the property and construction sectors. We want to help transform the industries in which we work by providing smart offsite solutions through collaboration with our partners and clients, delivering sustainably, and improving people’s quality of life.

We will do this through:

Improving Lives. Key to our Vision is improving quality of life. Whether this is the way we look after people in their working environment by ensuring safety or improvement to the quality of lives through delivery of industry leading products and solutions where people can work, live, play and rest, we are passionate about people. We realise the changing world context and the pressures of growing populations, urbanisation and diminishing resources, and the effect that has on the way we do business.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance Policy . Underpinned by the collective power and values of our shareholders, our ESG policy ensures that we will continue to be a sustainable business contributing to the environment in which we work. We will continue to reduce energy and waste, recycle energy and waste through design and high quality manufacturing processes, and we will continue to make a social difference through training, development and recruitment from local communities in which we work. We are committed to continue to support local community groups and care for the communities in which we work. Strong, transparent and accountable governance underpins the sustainability of our business providing opportunities for all and risk management to ensure performance.  

Innovation: Leading the way in 3D offsite manufactured construction solutions, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. From high rise modular solutions for the PRS residential modular market to revolutionary floorless pods we are always thinking about ways to improve what we do. As the world demands faster, more efficient and lower cost solutions, we are consistently searching for a better way.  

Collaborative Working: Key to our success is working with the right partners. Whether developers, contractors, consultants, local authorities , end users,  registered providers, or the supply chain, we are passionate about engaging in long term strategic working relationships so that we can embrace performance, innovation, environmental excellence, social impact and governance together to improve lives. 

Elements Europe is a leading UK volumetric room module and bathroom pod manufacturer that has delivered off-site solutions to the construction sector for over 15 years. Delivering a diverse range of projects from modular buildings for the residential sector to student accommodation, hotels and even care homes our repertoire is broad and our product range adaptable.



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03.03.2021Elements Europe to Help Accelerate Housing Delivery in Hertfordshire

Elements Europe has been selected as an offsite partner for Hertfordshire’s informal consortium which will see partners collaborate to help accelerate the development and build of sustainable housing in the county. Led …

Offsite productivity is at least 25% better than traditional construction
Offsite construction results in around 70% less vehicle movement on a construction site
Offsite construction can reduce build programme by around 25%