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Ministry of Defence


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The Client

Elements Europe manufactured and installed 375 bespoke temporary accommodation units for the Ministry of Defence.

More than 3,000 troops were housed in Elements Europe’s off-site housing solutions on a site which provided little in the way of buildings or infrastructure. The 375 units were manufactured and installed in just six weeks between May and July 2012 for the Ministry of Defence.

The light steel frame units comprised of cold rolled steel C-sections fitted externally with 18mm marine plywood, a breathable membrane and dark grey cladding with the appearance of rendered spar dash. Internally the walls were lined with fire-line board and pre-finished wood.

Each unit was 7m long, 3m high and over 4m wide and contained two rooms. Each room featured two bunk beds and two en-suite bathrooms making it suitable for military use. The configuration, which was designed according to the client’s specification, accommodates four soldiers per room and eight per unit.

The units are weatherproof, durable and thermally efficient and do not leave a footprint. They can easily be connected to mains water and electricity and in cases where neither of these are available the units can instead be hooked up to generators and mobile water and wastewater units.