Succesfull Install in Cambridge

Succesfull Install in Cambridge

The Pickstock Group’s Cambridge student accommodation scheme is making great progress with the envelope of the building almost complete.

Elements Europe provided an off-site building solution to the scheme which saw all 98 Room Modules installed in just 4 weeks, a process which has become second nature to the Pickstock Construction team having worked with Elements Europe on a number of projects.

Timing and efficiency were crucial in this scheme due to the proximity of the site to a busy junction, and for that reason an off-site solution was perfect, reducing the number of trades going in and out of the site. It did, however, mean that a strict module installation programme was implemented.

David Malkin, Site Manager, commented: “Our aim on this project was to cause as little disruption as possible to the busy junction in which the site resides.”

“We had to make sure that a meticulous schedule was in place to ensure we kept on track with the lifting and installation of the modules, and I am pleased to say that everything went very smoothly.” David added

Pickstock Construction’s bricklaying team will have completed the envelope of the building in a weeks’ time and the roof is now finished ready to be slated.

Internally corridors are being plastered and painted, and the carpet is shortly to be laid in corridors over some floors.

Once the scaffolding has been dismantled work can start on the green roof to encourage vegetation growth, a special feature of the building which helps it fit into the areas green surroundings.

Once complete the accommodation will be operated by the UK’s leading student accommodation operator CRM students. There will be 75 studio rooms and 23 en-suite rooms available to rent to Cambridge University students. The building also offers communal space under a large atrium and retail units on the ground floor.

Premier Inn Yeovil Opens its Doors

Premier Inn has expanded its portfolio in the South West with the opening of its Yeovil city centre hotel.

Elements Europe supplied 80 modular Bathroom Pods to the brand new Premier Inn. All modules were manufactured to ID4 specification, the newest bathroom design Whitbread Plc has introduced to its Premier Inn brand.

Elements Europe has manufactured both Bathroom Pods and modules to a number of Premier Inn hotels in the past. However this is the first project they have manufactured to the ID4 specification which boasts a brighter more modern design with large purple landscape tiles, silver grout and other smaller adaptations to enhance the look and feel of the bathroom.

“Our teams strive to achieve the exacting standards Whitbread Plc require for their brand, and always look forward to seeing the latest Premier Inn style.” Commented Russell Parry, Factory Manager.

Four of the Bathroom Pods were accessible pods featuring baths or showers. These were specially adapted throughout to ensure the comfortable stay of those with access problems.

Bowmer and Kirkland were the main contractor on the project. This is not the first time Elements Europe has collaborated with Bowmer and Kirkland on Premier Inn projects having worked previously on Premier Inn Wandsworth and Croydon.

Colchester Phase 2 Sees Module Install Commence

Installation of Room Modules has commenced on Phase 2 of the Colchester student accommodation scheme.

An additional 398 student rooms will be installed into the second phase as well as associated kitchen modules, plant rooms, corridor cassettes and stair cores.

Elements Europe will complete manufacture of all Room Modules by the 4th May. The Pickstock Construction team on-site are now working towards all 398 modules being in position by the end of May.

Brickwork teams are working at podium level and will commence the envelope of the building by block once all modules are in position.

The Colchester student accommodation scheme welcomed 381 students into Phase 1 in September last year. Since then, Phase 2 has become the focal point to open in time for this September’s intake of students.

Rooms in Phase 2 will see a different style to the first phase thanks to The Pickstock Group’s Interior Designer Ilaria Revello.

“The furniture and colours I have utilised have a young and vibrant feel, and each block of accommodation is unique in style.” Ilaria commented.

“The main aim was to create the right environment for students, modern yet homely.”

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